Ideal Temperature

32˚–36˚F (1°-2°C)

Relative Humidity

Suggested Storage Containers

Cambro Polycarbonate Food Pan 16CW
Size: 12 ¾” x 20 ⅞” x 8”
Drain option: 10CWD
Colander Pan option: 15CLRCW
Lid option: 10CWCH

Storing Tips
Recommended Temperature: Do not rinse Arugula before storing it. Arugula tends to be gritty, so rinse the leaves thoroughly. If you can, buy arugula in bunches with the roots intact; this helps retain freshness. Holes, tears, and yellowing edges are signs the greens are past their prime. Bunches of arugula will last only two to three days if not stored with proper lid. Most packaged leaves have a two-week shelf life if stored at the right temperature. Store Arugula in an adequate size food pan with colander pan or drain pan and flat cover. Keep food pan filled with water about ¼”, not touching the greens to help enhance freshness.

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